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Fibre Junior is an innovative high-fibre product for children and adolescents. It is made from wholegrain rye, wheat, oats, barley, amaranth and sunflower seeds. It has the form of delicate cereal sticks, enriched with calcium and magnesium, minerals promoting proper body development, especially for the youngest.


Fibre Junior contains as much as 13,6% of dietary fibre and no added sugar. Thanks to that, it is a perfect snack for everyone as dietary fibre helps to remove toxins, reduces cholesterol level and also stabilises glucose level.


Fibre Junior is designed for children above 3 years. Thanks to its customised formulation, it is more delicate than Healthy Fibre and easier to crunch, meaning small amounts can be given even to small children. However, thanks to its form, it will also be great for adults and seniors, for whom Healthy Fibre can be a bit too hard. Eating these delicate, wholemeal multi-grain sticks will help to keep a slim body and good mood, without resigning from excellent taste.

Nutritional value 100 g per 30 g serving
Energy 1381 kJ / 328 kcal 413 kJ / 98 kcal
incl. saturated fatty acids
3,1 g
0,5 g
0,9 g
0,2 g
incl. sugars
58,7 g
1,9 g
17,6 g
0,6 g
Fibre 13,6 g 4,1 g
Protein 9,4 g 2,8 g
Salt 0,3 g 0,1 g

Ingredients: rye (50.5%), wheat (15.8%), oats flakes (7.9%), barley groats (7.9%), wheat bran, corn grits (3.9%), oats fibre (2%), fibre: inulin (2%), sunflower seeds, amaranth flour (0.6%), salt, enriching substances: calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate
The product may contain traces of gluten cereals, sesame seeds, soy lecithin, all types of nuts and milk (incl. lactose).


Weight: 130 g