Oat breakfast – number 1 for your health

— Oat breakfast – number 1 for your health

There is no healthier breakfast than oatmeal, our grandmothers and mothers used to say. Of course, they were right! The secret power of this dish lies in one of the most valuable cereals in terms of pro-health properties – popular oats. Those who do not like traditional oatmeal will find products on the market that are a great alternative for them.

The most nutritious oat-based products are made from whole grains, subjected only to dehulling. Introducing them to your daily diet is a wise decision that will have a positive effect on your health and longevity. A plate of rolled oats with milk will give you the power of nutrients and a large portion of energy needed in the morning.

First of all – memory and calm
Oat-based products provide a large dose of B vitamins to the brain and neurons. Vitamin B6 improves memory and concentration, which helps you acquire knowledge faster. Oat-based products are recommended particularly during a period of increased mental effort, and certainly for school-age children. Vitamin B1 and pantothenic acid, in turn, prevent irritability, act as anti-depressants and eliminate bad mood.

Secondly – healthy body
Oat and its products are a source of nutrients valuable for our health. Oats contain the most fat of all cereals, however, it is extremely valuable, because it contains essential fatty acids, which play an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The human body cannot produce them by itself, hence oat-based products are highly significant in our everyday diet. The high content of soluble fibre makes oat-based products act like the proverbial “brush”, taking care of the condition of the digestive system and removing harmful metabolic products from the body. Oats also have the highest protein content of all cereals, it has the best set of amino acids, it is also a valuable source of magnesium, iron and vitamins. It is also worth remembering that vitamin B6 contained in oats has a positive effect on the production of red blood cells, and thus helps prevent anaemia.

Thirdly – slim figure
Products based on full oat grains are a great source of carbohydrates, which will be appreciated, above all, by people leading active lifestyle and practicing sports. High fibre content also makes them suitable for people who are slimming – dietary fibre slows down the emptying of the stomach and ensures a long lasting feeling of satiety.

Not only rolled oats
There are many products based on whole oat grains available on the market, among which rolled oats are the leader. It must be admitted, however, that not everyone likes oatmeal – especially children; it is extremely difficult to persuade them to eat it regularly. We offer a tasty alternative – Oaty Pillows (Poduszki Owsiane) – to all demanding gourmets who got bored with traditional oatmeal. They are produced from full oat grains, based on rolled oats, thanks to which they have all the nutritional value of this cereal, says Anna Warpechowska from GRANEX. They have more advantages than just the nutritional value, though. They have an interesting form, combined with a slightly sweet taste. Light and crisp Oaty Pillows (Poduszki Owsiane) will certainly tempt even the poorest eaters and will also make a great snack that can be eaten at any time of the day.